Turbo Cure 1: Curing Chamber for pigment printing


    100 Meters / Hr. (Reactive, Pigment, Disperse or Acid inks)

    Discover the forefront of pigment printing technology with our revolutionary TURBO CURE 1 curing chamber. Meticulously engineered for unparalleled results, this chamber is tailored to ensure the optimal curing of pigment prints.


    Seamless Curing Advancement: Designed with your needs in mind, the TURBO CURE 1 streamline the pigment printing curing process, offering unmatched efficiency and quality.

    Precision Conveyor System: Experience the ease of precise curing with our advanced conveyor system. Each pigment print is treated with utmost accuracy to achieve the desired results.

    Single and Dual Curing Options: Choose between Single and Dual curing configurations to match your specific requirements, providing flexibility in your pigment printing workflow.

    Single: Gas, Oil, or Electric

    Dual: Electric + Gas or + Electric + Oil


    Enhanced Productivity: The TURBO CURE 1 achieves a remarkable curing rate, delivering efficient curing without compromising on print quality.

    Proven Performance: Trusted and endorsed by the industry, the TURBO CURE 1 has been successfully integrated into numerous pigment printing setups, enhancing the curing process across a range of applications.

    Automation Excellence: Opt for the optional PLC-based TOUCH SCREEN system to experience seamless automation, allowing you to control and monitor the curing process with precision.

    Integrated Air Shaft and Conveyor Centering System: Experience enhanced operational convenience with the built-in air shafts and auto conveyor centering system, ensuring consistent and smooth pigment print curing.


    Key Features:


    Precision Temperature Control: Cure your pigment prints flawlessly at temperatures ranging from 165 to 180 degrees Celsius, ensuring optimal results without compromising fabric integrity.

    Automatic 5-Pass Driven System: Our innovative driven system automates the curing process across five passes, enhancing efficiency and consistency.

    Adjustable Dwell Time: Tailor the curing process to your specifications with an adjustable dwell time, ranging from 3 to 6 minutes, providing control over the curing intensity.

    Elevate your pigment printing capabilities to new heights with the TURBO CURE 1 – where precision, efficiency, and quality converge.