TURBO 2: Dryer for Digital Printing: 400 Meters/ Hr.

    TURBO 2 Model: 400 Meters / Hr.

    Ideal for 32 Head Machines

    Pooja Enterprises is the leading manufacturer of DRYERS FOR TEXTILE DIGITAL PRINTING (Reactive, Disperse, Acid & Pigment). We have installed more than 150 Dryers for DIGITAL PRINTING and more than 500 dryers for Flat Bed and Rotary Printing, due to this wide experience WE HAVE DESIGNED A PERFECT MACHINE, that is easy to use and has low running cost.

    1. Available in single or multi-pass pending on the fabric quality and production required.

    2. Compatible with your printing machine’s width.

    3. Sampling can be done using a conveyor.

    4. Heating options: Single & Dual. (Gas, Oil, Electric & Steam)

    5. Various options available for delivery: Batch, Plaiter & Automatic Winder.

    6. Production 400 Meters / Hr.

    7. Installed more than 100 Dryers across India on all printing machines. (Italian, Chinese, Indian)

    8. Fully Automatic PLC based TOUCH SCREEN system (Optional)

    Click here to watch the video of TURBO 1 Model

    (The Video above is for TURBO 1 Model, the difference between TURBO 1 & TURBO 2 is the length of the machine, heating source and some other necessary equipment)

    Please note production will be different for CURING MACHINE.