Drying Range with Four Cylinders

    • Suitable for drying all kinds of fabrics.
    • Can work in synchronization with pre-treatment range, Continuous drying range, merceriser, washer or any other machine.
    • Highly Polished, Non – magnetic stainless steel cylinders to give high efficiency.
    • PTFE coated cylinders are provided as per requirement.
    • The range is equipped with rotary joints, syphon pipe, flexible pipes, vacuum breaker, drain cock & other accessories.
    • Cylinders mounted on pedestals & double row self-aligning ball bearings.
    • Every cylinder is hydraulically tested up to 80 P.S.I to get the working pressure of 60 P.S.I.
    • Necessary guide rollers are provided for maximum contact of the fabric with the cylinders.
    • Sturdy structure
    • Side insulation is provided to avoid heat loss from cylinders.
    • Common drive or individual stack drive as desired.
    • Belt drive, chain & sprocket wheel drive provided for each cylinder.