Open Cum Rope Washing

    • Multi – Wash: Pioneers In Washing Range.
    • Low Water consumption.
    • Installed more than 400 Washing Machines all over India.
    • Washing from 1000 Meters to 3500 Meters / Hour as per client’s requirement.
    • Available in different kinds of set up as per space available.
    • The complete process requires 2 to 3 workers and one operator per shift.
    • Fully automated heating system with temperature indicators & controller
    • Washes 1,000 to 3,500 Meters / Hour, which depends on the quality of the fabric and printing method used on the fabric.
    • Nozzles Spray pressurized liquor for better & efficient cleaning
    • S.S tanks prevent leakage of heat, water, chemical & steam resulting in low running costs.
    • The entire machine can be moved if the layout of the plant changes.