TURBO MINI 0.5 : Dryer for Digital Printing: 80 Meters/ Hr.

    TURBO MINI 0.5

    80 to 100 Meters / Hr. (Reactive, Pigment, Disperse or Acid inks)



    Introducing the TURBO MINI SERIES – Redefining Drying Excellence!

    Experience the future of digital printing with our cutting-edge TURBO MINI Series. This innovation is the result of meticulous research and development, resulting in a dryer series that excels in every aspect.

    Compact Brilliance: The TURBO MINI boasts a remarkably compact design without compromising on performance. Its space-saving nature ensures seamless integration into your workflow.

    Efficiency Redefined: Unleash unparalleled efficiency with the TURBO MINI. This series outshines our previous TURBO models, setting new standards in energy consumption while maintaining exceptional drying prowess.

    Economical Powerhouse ONLY 6 to 7 KW/ Unit per hour: Say goodbye to energy wastage and hello to economic sensibility. The TURBO MINI consumes significantly less energy than both our own TURBO dryers and other alternatives in the market.

    Synchronized Ingenuity: Elevate your printing process with TURBO MINI’s innovative synchronization feature. Unlike traditional methods, this dryer’s winding system operates independently, adjusting to the fabric received from the printer. No direct connection to the printer is needed, providing you with seamless adaptability and control.

    Customized Tension Control: Tailoring your printing experience, the TURBO MINI SERIES features an advanced tension-controlling system. Adjust the fabric tension according to your precise preferences, ensuring that every winding meets your exact specifications.

    Quality Uncompromised: Elevate your printing game with the TURBO MINI Series. Despite its compact and efficient design, it upholds our commitment to delivering top-tier quality in every print.




    > Efficient Single pass drying system

    > Conduct sample runs effortlessly through a conveyor mechanism.

    > Benefit from versatile Winding/Delivery & Heating Choices: Opt for either Single or Dual configurations.

    > Achieve a production rate of 80 to 100 meters per hour. (Numerous alternative models accessible)

    > Installed and operational across India with over 400 Dryers, compatible with various printing machines including Italian, Chinese, and Indian models.

    > Experience the pinnacle of automation with the optional fully automatic PLC-based TOUCH SCREEN system.

    > Enhance your operational ease with the inclusion of air shafts and an auto conveyor centering system.


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